Frequently Asked Questions


What are BebeVue ultrasounds?

BebeVue is a unique service that allows expecting parents to purchase their full-motion ultrasound video online! The service is available directly through OB offices and hospitals across the country. Once a new mom's regularly scheduled ultrasound is completed the video will be available online. Moms can share their baby's first pictures and video with family and friends instantly at their fingertips.

Why use BebeVue?

Safety: We know your baby's safety is of top concern. While the FDA discourages entertainment ultrasounds, BebeVue understands the strong desire to bond with your baby and share this experience with family and friends. We offer the ability to enjoy the wonder of viewing your baby in full-motion, without putting you, or the baby at risk. During your prescribed diagnostic ultrasound, a video will be recorded of the procedure under the care and supervision of your practice.

Convenience: By working directly with doctors, and delivering our technology straight to your OB, we save you time and money. There is no need to set up an additional ultrasound appointment with a third party service.

Sharing: BebeVue offers multiple ways of sharing your ultrasound video and pictures online. The features include social network sharing, video and picture downloads.

Does my obstetrician offer the BebeVue ultrasound service?

Find an OB in your area that carries the ultrasound service.

Interested in offering BebeVue at your OB practice?

Review all BebeVue services here.